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Own a piece of theatre history!


A triple tea light holder made from the original teak beams from the Queens/Sondheim theatre, home of Les Misérables.


This Teak is very special, sometimes called gods gift to boat builders, it is impervious to water and resistant to rot, swelling and cracking. It’s high oil content makes it immune to wood boring insects too, this also gives it a silky feel and smells almost like leather. In history the Theatre and sailing worlds often intertwined, with terminology, equipment and even staff being used in both fields. This teak was originally the main stage beams at the Sondheim theatre (previously Queens) in London’s West End. Originally installed in 1907, These beams had the stage deck tongue and groove boards secured on top. In 2019 these beams were removed in order to lower the entire stage to accommodate the new production of Les Misérables and replaced with steel. I was fortunate enough to be offered several of these beams and its a privilege to be able to work with them, teak like this is extremely rare now and having worked at the theatre for over 8 years previously this wood not only represents theatre history but a part of mine too. These tea light holders were cut from the middle of these beams, where the stage deck was screwed to.


I try to retain as many features of these beams as possible with old screw and nail holes, paint and rough texture to show this history. The original faces have just been abraded with a brush to retain their aged look, as such there may still be some rough edges and the possibility of splinters. Freshly cut sides have been sanded and stamped with "QUEENS 1907" and "SONDHEIM 2019". The bottom is stamped “DS” to indicate what would have been the downstage edge of the beam. The whole surface is then treated with danish oil and wax. The tea light holder comes complete with 3 tea lights, glass inserts and a certificate of authenticity.


This tea light holder measures 260mm x 95mm x 30mm(approx)


Given the nature of these pieces, each one is totally unique. You will not receive the item in the picture but one very similar.


Please observe fire safety when using tea light candles, do not leave a naked flame unattended!

Queens/Sondheim Theate Teak Triple Tea Light Holder

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