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An Streamline style ball point pen with Irish Bog Oak.


This pen was handmade from trees that have been buried in peat bogs for thousands of years and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions. The wood is usually stained brown or black by tannins dissolved in the acidic water. Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilisation of wood, with further stages ultimately forming jet, lignite and coal over a period of many millions of years. It is a rare form of timber that is claimed to be "comparable to some of the world's most expensive tropical hardwoods".


These pens are turned on a lathe, sanded and finished with melamine lacquer and microcrystalline wax for protection and to retain the natural feel of the wood. They also come with a presentation box*. A wooden presentation box option is available in here


These pens come with black ink, working with a twist action from the middle of the pen and are refillable with 'Parker' style refills and is available with or without a clip, all fittings are chrome.


Given the nature of these pieces, each one is totally unique. You will not receive the item in the picture but one very similar.


Please allow 3-5 days for dispatch


*Design of the standard presentation box may vary slightly dependant on available stock


Irish Bog Oak Streamline Pen (3000BC)

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