Tiger Bowl No.2. Oak with black epoxy 'stripes'.


The Oak for this bowl was sourced from a woods local to me where I volunteer. It was cut into ‘blanks’ and left to season. As it dried the blank developed larger than I hoped for cracks through it. These almost prevented a successful and safe turning of the bowl, however it survived. The cracks were filled with epoxy putty, giving it a tiger stripe effect. It is solid and will remain in one piece if not exposed to any extreme conditions - repeated exposure to high moisture or being dropped could lead to the split getting larger.


A striking item for any home, suitible as a fruit bowl or decorative centrepiece. 


It measures 250mm x 90mm


Laser engraved on the bottom.


Being a natural material, it is still susceptible to movement with change in temperature and humidity. Clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not immerse in water.


While this bowl has been finished with a food safe danish oil, it would benifit from a polish from time to time. My homemade food safe rejuvenating wax for this bowl (or any wooden utensils) is available here.

Oak “Tiger Bowl” No.2